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From Sea to Shining Sea: USA & Canada

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From Sea to Shining Sea: USA & Canada


Discover a world of convenience with Elite’s global reach. Regardless you’re traveling for business or pleasure, our international network of affiliates ensures a smooth and reliable journey no matter where you are in the world. From airport transfers to city tours, we’re your trusted companion for navigating the globe. Count on us for punctuality, professionalism, and a seamless experience that transcends borders. Let us take you wherever your journey leads, with comfort and confidence in every mile. Order executive and luxury class ground transportation in over 600 cities worldwide. First class connections are provided through LIMOUSINE.COM affiliated partners in all 50 states and major international cities.

LIMOUSINE.COM, established 1997, is a wholly owned and operated division of Elite Limousine. For corporate accounts with direct billing, all charges are conveniently combined into a single Elite invoice. Read More
Limousine.com is a Global service provider covering major world markets, utilizing a connected Network of owned and affiliated companies providing quality Chauffeured transportation services worldwide. We are present in over 600 cities and 60 countries. With one corporate account or one personal profile, you can travel the world in style and receive one invoice, chargeable to your credit card or direct bill to your company account. One call does it all. Book online, use our App, send an email or have your corporate travel department download our App from Sabre Red App store.
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US to Canada Corporate Car Service

Our corporate car service in the USA and Canada provides unmatched convenience and dependability for smooth cross-border travel between the countries. Whether you are traveling to attend business meetings, conferences, or corporate functions—our skilled drivers make sure the transfer between the two nations goes smoothly.

We ensure prompt arrivals and departures by prioritizing professionalism and timeliness, enabling you to remain focused on your goals and adhere to your schedule. In addition, we have equipped our fleet of cars with all luxurious and modern conveniences that make your experience memorable. At Elite, we guarantee your comfort on every trip – no matter the distance you go. You can rely on us to deliver a seamless and effective business car service experience while you travel between the United States and Canada.

Black Car Service in the USA

Now you can experience refinement and luxury in the USA with our first-rate black car service. You can use our fleet of modern and fashionable cars for special occasions, business meetings, and airport journeys. Our skilled drivers dedicatedly offer the highest caliber of service, guaranteeing a plush and pleasant journey to your location. We work hard to always go above and beyond your expectations. With our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to client satisfaction, we guarantee a comfortable experience on your journey from the US to Canada. Not just intercontinental, as you travel anywhere within the USA in elegance, you can just kick back, unwind, and appreciate the sophistication of our black car service.

Black Car Service in Canada

With our special black car service in Canada, experience the height of luxury travel. Regardless of your reason for traveling, our fleet of elegant cars and knowledgeable chauffeurs provide an exceptional level of transportation. We provide the best care and attention for all your travel needs, from city tours to airport pickups. Our black car service in Canada is famous for its dependability, luxury, and sophistication, guaranteeing an amazing trip. As you discover the beauty and charm of Canadian cities in the comfort of our black car service, you will encounter unmatched luxury and convenience.

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