Electronic Invoicing

Online Account Invoices and Payment Processing

Elite is the first in the industry to deliver electronic billing solutions to its customers. eBill is designed for account managers to receive billing notifications, download and view invoices, process payments electronically and see usage reports. eBill delivers latest weekly, bi-weekly or monthly billing statements via email to the account manager/s mailbox. Invoices can be downloaded by clicking on a secure link, which is only available for a limited time for security reasons. All historic invoices can be downloaded after logging in at the portal. Invoices can be downloaded as .PDF or its data can be downloaded as text in .CSV format to import in Excel.

For custom billing solutions, Elite can arrange and format billing data in your desired format as “billing disks” which can be downloaded from the eBill site. These customized data files are in .CSV format and can be uploaded to any accounting software for seamless integration, eliminating the need for manual processing of invoices.

Elite dashboard
All account managers are enrolled for eBill. If you have don’t have your login credentials for the billing portal, then please contact customer service at customer_service@eliteny.com to get your access credentials.
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