Account Types

Elite welcomes each and every customer

Primarily, we operate as a B2B company, but we increasingly cater to a significant number of individuals and families looking for their personal transportation safety. Our procedures and protocols are carefully designed to meet the transportation challenges faced by our corporate and business clients. We have been an integral part of New York's black car industry since our inception.

Corporate Account

Elite proudly states that 95% of its customer base are corporate accounts which, viewed in cross-section, do represent all sectors of industry that use transportation services. 

  • i)
    A single credit card is securely stored for all employees, and the cumulative amount is invoiced and seamlessly settled at the end of the billing cycle. Tailored reports are available to facilitate expense reporting objectives.
  • ii)
    Every employee must furnish their personal or corporate credit card, and each ride is invoiced and settled on a daily basis enhancing transparency and efficiency. Tailored reports are available to facilitate expense reporting objectives.
business man writing while sitting in car
man holding credit card

Personal Account

A personal account is essentially a credit card-settled account.

VIP Registration

As a valued member of our VIP program, existing account holders can gain exclusive access to premium services and personalized assistance to enhance your transportation experience. To register for VIP status, please download the form using the link below. We look forward to welcoming you as a VIP member and providing you with exceptional service.

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