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SmartCab is an enterprise scale Black Car Dispatching and Management system developed exclusively for the Black car and Limousine industry by Soundview Technologies, LLC. Elite has been using SmartCab since 1996. Built on Oracle, SmartCab has all the features any transportation company may need. Distinctive elements of our proprietary software include:

Reservations module, Auto-Dispatch and Manual Dispatch, GeoData set up, Pricing data, Auto pricing, Driver Management, Driver Payments, Job settlement, Driver payments, Customer Invoicing, Account Management, Computer Telephony Integration, Microsoft Dynamic Integration for Invoicing, payroll and A/R management. Reports Generation, Seamless Integration with Website and Mobile Apps, Email and text Notifications of vehicle status, Automatic Toll integration, Automatic calculation of various taxes. Automatic CC settlements. Driver Record Imaging management, API integration with Limousine.com and other industry applications.

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Electronic Vouchers

Elite started as a legacy company with paper vouchers in the good old days. This was done for security and usage control purposes. At that time we built imaging systems for archiving of voucher images and invoices. Elite built first voucher imaging system in 1996 with imaging platers and jukeboxes, in cooperation with Minolta. That is old history. Now everything is digital and we rarely use paper vouchers except for some governmental agencies.

Now we have developed Electronic receipts and other creative ways of controlling usage and abuse.

This also helps to reduce our carbon footprint as well, as there is no paper.

Electronic Invoicing

Just like Paper Vouchers, Paper Invoices are history. No more printing, envelope stuffing, postage and mailing. Saves costs and reduces our carbon footprint. All invoices and statements are emailed as a pdf copy or we can provide a downloadable link. For custom billing solutions, Elite can arrange and format billing data in your desired format as “billing disks” which can be downloaded from the eBill site. These customized data files are in .CSV format and can be uploaded to any accounting software for seamless integration, eliminating the need for manual processing of invoices.

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eBill Portal

Online Invoices and Payment Processing

Elite was the first in the industry to deliver electronic billing solutions to its customers. eBill is designed for account managers to receive billing notifications, download and view invoices, process payments electronically and see usage reports. eBill delivers latest weekly, bi-weekly or monthly billing statements via email to the account manager’s mailbox. Invoices can be downloaded by clicking on a secure link which is only available for a limited time for security reasons. All historic invoices can be downloaded after logging in at the portal. Invoices can be downloaded as .PDF or its data can be downloaded as text in .CSV format to import in Excel.

All account managers are enrolled for eBill. Please contact customer service at customer_service@eliteny.com to get your access credentials for your account.

Flight checks

With direct API integration of SmartCab®,  Elite’s Dispatch system, with Flightview, we track all incoming flights from scheduled departure time from the originating city to touchdown time at the NYC destinations, JFK, EWR and LGA, providing ETA updates, flight diversions and flight cancellations

In order to optimize dead time for the drivers and save wait time charges for our customers all vehicles are dispatched just in time, as soon as flight land or the flight is at the gate. We can customize these dispatch times as per kind of travel, such as, with luggage, with no luggage, customs or no customs or other customer preferences.

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