Round Trips

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  • Round trips from Manhattan and the outer boroughs to out of town points are at full price + 50% of the full price for the return trip (full + half).
  • Round trips originating from out-of-town points to the 5 boroughs, then returning to that original out of town location are priced full for the pickup and full for the return (full + full).
  • Round trips in the five boroughs are priced at two full prices (full + full). The first 5 minutes waiting time is a grace period which is not charged. After the grace period, waiting time is billed at $1.10 / minute for Sedan, $1.50 / minute for SUV & $2.00/minute for Luxury Sedan.

Free Waiting Time:
Out of Town Round Trips

$51-150 30 minutes
$151-250 60 minutes
$251-350 90 minutes
$351 and higher 120 minutes

Additional charges may apply, including airport fees, parking fees, tolls, gratuities, service fees, taxes, and other surcharges.

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