Smartcab Corporate

Comprehensive Ground Transportation Solution for Medium to Large Enterprises

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SmartCab® Corporate, an advanced browser-based application, revolutionizes corporate interactions by seamlessly integrating with transportation vendors. Developed by SoundView Technologies in Long Island City, NY, it represents a significant departure from our pioneering and sophisticated Windows-based dispatch system, SmartCab®. While SmartCab® relies on the traditional live operator model, SmartCab® Corporate harnesses cutting-edge XML technology. Globally recognized in the Travel Industry, XML implementation efficiently addresses the exorbitant fees of third-party GDS-platform-based transmitters.

SmartCab® Corporate is expertly engineered to function within a controlled environment, integrating a robust supervisory feature within its Administrator Module. This empowers organizations with essential tools to effectively enforce and uphold corporate policies.

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    ACCESS permissions for users may be adjusted to grant or restrict access, thereby effectively curbing unauthorized access and controlling transportation costs.
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    DEPARTMENTAL AND INDIVIDUAL RIDE SUMMARY REPORTS, along with billing and invoicing statements, are readily accessible for viewing and on-demand printing by corporate account administrators within the organization.
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    TEMPLATE MANAGEMENT is available to assign varying levels of access rights to designated departments and individuals. Department Administrators have the authority to delete, modify, or create new templates, subsequently allocating them to either entire departments or specific individuals within those departments.

Control And Account Management

Elimination of Unnecessary And Time Consuming Procedures

SmartCab® Corporate represents a comprehensive transportation solution, integrating Reservation, Billing, Customer Service, and Administration modules. Gone are the days of requiring phone calls for car bookings, waiting for car assignments, or resorting to emails or postal services for customer service and billing inquiries. All facets of transportation status and requirements can now be expeditiously and effortlessly resolved through our online platform, thus eradicating wait times, delays, billing inaccuracies, and dispute-prone charges.

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    User-Friendly Interface: SmartCab® Corporate offers employees instant access to check rates locally and globally. This application streamlines your organization's operations, saving valuable employee time, eliminating communication errors, and reducing utility expenses by minimizing telephone usage.
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    Swift Reservation Process: To secure a car immediately or schedule a future reservation, kindly log in and submit your order. Within minutes, you will receive the assigned vehicle number and an estimated time of arrival. Once a vehicle is allocated, passengers can engage in further communication with the driver through SmartCab® Corporate's Passenger-Driver Communication feature.
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    Passing Cost Containment Benefits to Corporate Clients: The advantages of reduced dispatch staffing needs achieved through the implementation of SmartCab® Corporate result in decreased administrative expenses, thereby offering cost-saving benefits to our corporate clients.
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