Hourly Rates

Explore the town with hourly prices

Cars may be hired by the hour. These hires are subject to a minimum number of hours depending upon the vehicle. If your local trip has multiple stops and lasts more than 1.5 hours, it may be less expensive to hire by the hour.

Executive Sedan SUV Luxury Sedan
In Manhattan $66 per Hour 90 per Hour $120 per Hour
Outer Boroughs $66 per Hour $90 per Hour $120 per Hour
Out of Town $66 per Hour $90 per Hour $120 per Hour
Minimum Hire 1.5 Hours 1.5 Hours 2 Hours
Gratuity Optional 10-15% Suggested 15% Suggested 15%
  • Time Calls where your pick-up and destination are both out of town, depending on distance, a travel time charge may be applicable.
  • A travel time charge is applicable when both your pick-up and destination are out of town.

Additional charges may apply, including airport fees, parking fees, tolls, gratuities, service fees, taxes, and other surcharges.

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