Ancillary Charges

Charged only when applicable

Tolls and Parking

Tolls necessary in the successful completion of requested service are additional as are any parking charges similarly incurred.

  • i)
    Inside Meet & Greet at airports
  • ii)
    For package pickups or deliveries when incurred.
Service Charge:

On every ride, Elite applies a $7.50 service fee.

Package Surcharge: $15
This service primarily focuses on document delivery. We do not accept valuable items and bear no financial or legal responsibility for any damage to or loss of your package.

Reservation Charge — None

Elite welcomes bookings around the clock, 7 days a week, without any extra fee for reservation.

Out of Town Pickup Charge — None

Zero additional charges for out-of-town pickups.

Out of Town Pricing

We employ proprietary software and actual location data, to fairly price journeys that start beyond the five boroughs but conclude within New York City, or when the trip starts and ends outside city limits, including multiple out-of-town stops.

Fuel Surcharge

When the U.S. retail price for regular-grade gasoline equals or exceeds $3.00/gallon (as per government data at: http://www.eia.gov/petroleum/gasdiesel), a fuel surcharge shall apply per the table below.
If the Average Gas Cost is: Fuel Surcharge
$2.99 or lower Not Applicable
$3.00 to $5.00 2.5% of the fare
If the Average Gas Cost is: Fuel Surcharge
$5.00 to $6.99 5% of the fare
$7.00 to $7.99 7.5% of the fare

Child Seats

All 50 states and the District of Columbia require child safety seats for infants and children meeting specific criteria. Since January 2015 in New York, failure to comply results in mandatory fines and points against the driver’s license.
Two alternatives are offered:

These child seats are stored at the Elite office, where the driver is pre-dispatched to outfit the vehicle as required.
A special handling fee of $40 is applicable for the initial seat, with an additional $20 charge for each extra seat.

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